The Works Search and Selection annual Salary Survey - page 9

What’s happened with Consumer Agencies?
As with other areas of PR, once again Consumer PR Directors
have received the most significant pay increases with the average
of £70,000 in January 2013 moving up to £95,000 in March 2014,
and the pay range increasing at the top end of £90,000 in 2013 to
£105,000 in 2014.
Senior Account Executives/Account Managers have also seen
the most significant increases with the average Account Manager
now being paid £35,000 (an increase from £30,000); Senior
Account Executives’ average pay has increased by £4,000 from
an average of £24,000 in January 2013 to an average of £28,000
in March 2014.
Senior Account Managers’ salary ranges have broadened, from
£30,000-£50,000, an average of £39,000, and although the
average hasn’t increased as much, the range certainly has in the
space of a year. A £50,000 salary was traditionally thought of as
an Account Director salary but things have changed, and Senior
Account Managers are commanding more.
Once again, the biggest uplifts are at (Senior) Account Manager
and Senior Account Executive level, once again due to supply
and demand. High-performing Generation Y are flying up the
ranks and the traditional timings of promotions are moving too,
with many Senior Account Executives getting promoted after just
one year, and Account Managers at two years. This is the same
in Corporate and Financial PR.
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