The Works Search and Selection annual Salary Survey - page 10

What’s happened with In-house Corporate and
Financial Communications?
The most significant increases, like agencies, can be seen at
the senior level in both Corporate and Consumer teams. The
salary ranges have increased again at the upper end in particular,
and the average salaries have increased too. A Head of Media
averaging £70,000 in January 2013 is now £95,000 in March
2014, with top-end salaries reaching £160,000.
It is interesting to see that the average Corporate
Communications PR Manager salary has gone down, which is the
same with Press Officers, but the salary brackets have broadened
for both levels.
In January 2013, salary brackets for PR Managers were £30,000-
£77,000 with an average of £50,000 where now the salary range
is £30,000-£80,000, and the average is £45,000. This could well
be a reflection of promoting people earlier to keep them happy,
bringing the average down.
It is also interesting to see Head of Comms’ (EMEA) salaries have
increased in Corporate Comms teams by £20,000 to a top-end
salary of £189,000 although the average has stayed the same at
£105,000 over the last year.
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