The Works Search and Selection annual Salary Survey - page 4

The average salary per annum for the following in-house roles
now stands at:
• In-house Corporate Communications Manager
• In-house Consumer PR Manager
• In-house Internal Communications Manager
The average salary per annum for the following agency roles now
stands at:
• Agency Account Director in Corporate and
• Agency Account Director in Consumer
58% of employees received a bonus, showing an 8% increase on
the previous year’s findings. This is a further sign that the market
is gathering strength and with this comes a stronger desire to
retain employee engagement.
• The average bonus for in-house Corporate
Communications PRs was 15% across all levels. The
largest bonus was 42% for a Global Head of Comms.
• For in-house Consumer PR, the average bonus given was
9%, with the largest bonus of 18% going to a Global Head
of Comms.
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