The Works Search and Selection annual Salary Survey - page 5

• In-house Internal Comms employees received an average
of 7% in bonus, with a Head of Internal Comms receiving
• The average bonus in Corporate and Financial PR
Agencies was 7% across all levels. The biggest bonus
given in this sector was 12% for an Associate Director.
• In Consumer PR Agencies, the average bonus was 4.5%
across all levels with the biggest being 10% for a Senior
Account Executive.
While more employees are receiving bonuses, the size of the
bonus isn’t as large as bonuses given in the previous year. The
economic upswing has brought a shift in how bonuses are
distributed. Employers are widening the net and trying to keep
more of their staff happy by looking after more junior and mid-
level employees. This has meant a reduction in the bounty for
some employees.
• In-house Corporate and Financial Communications PR:
79% of the bonuses given were in the 1%-10% range. 14%
were in the 11%-20% range. 7% of bonuses were above
20%. Global Heads of Communications fared best with an
average bonus of 42%.
• In-house Consumer PR: 95% of bonuses were in the 1%-
10% range. The remaining 5% were between 11% and
20%. Global Heads of Communications again fared the
best with an average bonus of 18%.
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