The Works Search and Selection annual Salary Survey - page 17

In-house, the main increases have been at the most senior
levels, and salary brackets at Communications Manager level
have widened. The in-house salaries reflect their industry sector
so although the survey states an average PR/Communications
Manager is paid between £40,000 and £45,000, we have seen
a number of Managers placed on larger basics. For example,
we have placed a number of PR Managers in law firms in the
£55,000-£60,000 range, and in commercial property in the
£45,000-£55,000 range.
What we have noted with our senior level (Heads of
Communications, Heads of Media) hires is that our clients have
focused a little less on sector expertise and more on skill set and
fit, which can be seen as a reflection of more confidence when
hiring, and a more open approach.
Agency salaries have certainly increased above market rate
which only goes to show how well PR is doing. Over the last five
years, agencies have shaped up their businesses to be leaner,
smarter and better-run with clearly defined, often broader service
offerings. The demand for exceptional talent has been reflected
in the broadening and increase of salaries.
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