The Works Search and Selection annual Salary Survey - page 8

Why? Looking after the fee earners is most important as they
bring in the business and shape it. Bonuses may not be as large
but they are being reworked with better basics, often a preference
as bonuses are no longer seen as a guarantee.
Corporate Account Managers, Senior Account Executives and
Executives have been the other levels which have benefited from
significant increases. The salary range of an Account Manager is
£25,000-£50,000, which is incredible— a £10,000 increase at the
upper end of the bracket.
Senior Account Executives are also receiving higher basics
than ever, being paid up to £35,000 (average £27,000) which
again seems unfathomable, and what used to be considered an
Account Manager salary.
So why the increase for Generation Y? The answer to this and
other questions can be found in our recent
. I’m sure many
of our clients won’t believe it but it’s happened because the
demand is large and many agencies 2-4 years ago were not
hiring at anywhere near the rate they are now. Account Managers
have made up a large part of the agency briefs we have handled
in 2014, making up 27% of the agency roles for Q1 and Q2.
This indicates there is a shortage in the market which has led
to increases in salaries. Gen Y are the worker bees – a bold,
ambitious and feisty generation, not afraid to ask for a pay rise
or promotion. The levels with the least movement have been
Account Directors and Associate Directors.
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