The Works Search and Selection annual Salary Survey - page 11

What’s happened with Internal Communications?
As our newest specialist sector at The Works, this is the first year
we have looked at the Internal Communications sector in the
Salary Survey, and it is interesting to find that the salary levels are
roughly equivalent to colleagues’ on the external side. A Head
of Internal Communications’ average salary was shown to be at
£85,000, while Senior Internal Communications Managers were
shown reasonably close at £70,000, and the average for Internal
Communications Managers was found to be £55,000.
Hearing about the value of their work at first hand, it’s no surprise
to us that internal communications professionals are being
remunerated like this.  It’s also interesting to note that the main
request by internal communications professionals we meet is for
roles with employers who genuinely ‘buy into’ the value of internal
We are looking forward to being able to develop and share our
reports on the internal communications trends in the future.
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