The Works Search and Selection annual Salary Survey - page 6

• Corporate and Financial PR Agencies: 59% of the bonuses
were in the 1%-10% range. 29% were in the 11%-20%
range. 12% were above 20%. Partners and MDs fared the
best with an average bonus of 9%.
• In Consumer PR Agencies: 64% of the bonuses were in
the 1%-10% range. 32% were in the 11%-20% range. The
remaining 5% were over 30%. Senior Account Executives
fared well with bonuses averaging 10%.
How salary increases were received
41% of employees receiving a raise in salary were happy with the
increase and 33% were neutral about it. This is good news for
employers. With the majority (74%) of employees feeling satisfied
with a boost in their pay checks, this will have helped with morale,
which in turn will have a positive effect on performance.
52% feel as though they are adequately paid, but almost half of
the respondents (44%) feel they are underpaid. Only 2% were
brave enough to think they were being overpaid!
We’ve come through a tough few years and pay growth has been
low. Many employees stuck it out in their jobs, agreeing to a
freeze in pay or no increase. As the economy recovered, we saw
a fourfold increase in roles in 2013.
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