The Works Search and Selection annual Salary Survey - page 7

This has led to expectations being higher among employees
for big pay rises. While employers have raised salaries, 26% of
employees weren’t happy with their raise. It appears that these
employees feel as though it’s not enough to compensate for what
they didn’t receive during leaner times.
Gripes over salary-related issues aside, overall job satisfaction
levels are high, which shows great engagement results.
• 78% of respondents feel as though their opinions count at
• 70% have had opportunities to learn and develop at work,
reflecting how the industry is getting better at offering
training and development opportunities
These are very positive findings that illustrate how employees’
job satisfaction is not derived wholly from the numbers on their
Where have the biggest pay rises been in the
Corporate and Financial Agencies?
In January 2013, our last survey showed Directors/Partners being
paid an average of £90,000 with salaries reaching £140,000.
This survey shows that in March 2014, Directors/Partners are
being pushed up to £195,000, and the average has increased to
£125,000 in Corporate and Financial PR.
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