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What can you expect from The Works Search?

When you register with The Works Search you can expect thoughtful career advice, great connections and insider knowledge. For corporate communications professionals looking for a supportive search agency to help you make a great career move, this is what you can expect.

What we WILL do

  1. If we think we have a role for you, we will interview you for an hour, never less, as we need to get to understand your experience and what’s important to you to choose the best career path. This enables us to represent you well and sell your skills/ experience appropriately to our clients.
  2. We will spend the time to help you to make your CV shine with our personalised CV advice.
  3. Before you go to any interview with one of our clients, we will brief you over the phone like no other recruitment agency has – ever! We love detail which means you will confidently walk into every interview knowing lots about the company and the role already.
  4. Could be better at interviewing? Don’t worry, we will give you a clear structure on how to prepare for a foolproof interview and even give you practice questions.
  5. We always follow up with prompt and honest feedback.
  6. We will only ever suggest companies and roles that we think are a genuinely good fit so no time is wasted with going to interviews which are irrelevant. In-house or agency -choosing the best career path for you is something we are here to help with.
  7. Unlike many recruitment agencies, most of our roles are exclusive to The Works Search, which means no other agencies are working on the roles and we know exactly what is going on, so we can keep you informed every step of the way.
  8. Confidential means confidential. We are discreet and your CV goes nowhere without your say.
  9. Our annual salary guide means we are experts when it comes to pay, and we will strive to get you the market rate for the role. We give honest appraisal to your value and if we think you should aim for more money, we will say so, or discuss with you how to negotiate the pay rise you want.
  10. If we don’t have a role for you right away and we can see that your experience is aligned with our focus, we can add your details to our database and contact you when something appropriate arises. And we will always be happy to give advice on how to go about your job search to make your job seeking more targeted, efficient and rewarding.
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What we WON’T do

  1. Never push you into taking a role as this is your career and your decision. We are here to support you throughout your career and help you make a great career move.
  2. We will never share your CV with other companies without your prior consent.
  3. We won’t tell you about roles which are inappropriate for your experience which wastes everyone’s time.
  4. We will never overwhelm you with a big volume of roles as we believe it’s our job to make thoughtful matches for you.
  5. We won’t ghost you.
  6. We will never tell your boss that you are looking for a job as it’s confidential.