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Salary Survey 2024 is LIVE! Take part in our industry leading corporate comms survey

Posted: Feb 2024
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Dive into our salary survey designed exclusively for corporate communications and financial communications professionals like you.

CLICK HERE to launch… it’s open now!

Your insights fuel our annual Salary Guides, and by participating you and your employer can quickly benchmark your salary, bonus, benefits and pay rise. The timeframe we are looking at for the survey is January 2023 - December 2023.

  • Understand your true worth – Find out if your salary, bonus and pay rise are in line with your peers. What is your role worth on the market?
  • Benchmark your employees – Check if you’re paying your employees market rate and offering enough to attract the best talent
  • Understand what company benefits professionals really want
  • Are people actually using AI?

Perhaps you will win? Take part and you could win a £500 voucher for Amazon, John Lewis, or Selfridges in our exclusive prize draw!

Spread the wealth: Share the survey with your corporate comms and financial comms colleagues and contacts. It's quick, confidential, and takes just 5 minutes. We're aiming for 500 participants, and we need your help!

Act fast: The survey is only open for two weeks.

Confidential: Please feel reassured that your response is entirely confidential and the information you supply will only be reported in general terms and not attributed to individuals.

Our industry-leading Salary Guide depends on YOU to make it the invaluable tool it has become. The positive feedback speaks for itself!

“Your Salary Guide is super – beautifully put together and very useful”

“These guides are invaluable so thank you for sharing”


Thank you!

Sarah & the team at The Works Search

For a free download of our full Annual Salary Guide 2023, click here.

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