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Corporate Communications Executive Search in Healthcare

In a heavily regulated and complex industry that is undergoing rapid transformation, your firm needs to have the best PR and Corporate Communications executives to protect and elevate your brand. The Works Search can help you to do that by matching highly qualified and experienced communications professionals with senior roles for your communications team.

We act as trusted advisors to our clients, partnering with you exclusively to get in-depth knowledge of your business and role. Our recruitment process consists of market mapping, extensive networks and expertise to source the best communications talent fast. Our search team sets aside 4 weeks to deliver a shortlist of top industry performers who have years of experience in the industry, so we have market insights as well as an established network of professionals in healthcare and biotech at our disposal.

The Works Search team also knows how to carefully navigate highly regulated environments. From Oxford Nanopore Tech, Nuffield Health, Volition to BUPA and other major well-being brands, we have placed highflyers in healthcare and biotech roles.

Our healthcare executive search process

We are working in a time where there are more challenges for business leaders – from the cost of living and inflation; to emerging risks like cyber; motivating and retaining employees when some of the old conventions have been eroded, especially post-COVID; hard choices around sustainability; heavy regulation; diversity and inclusion, and the culture wars, today and of the past.

60%of our new clients have come to us from a recommendation

We operate as a niche search agency to help place the perfect corporate communications professional who can navigate these challenging times and ever-changing regulations. Our healthcare recruitment team has successfully placed candidates in senior corporate communications roles across the healthcare, wellbeing and biotech industry.

Industries we cover

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medtech
  • Digital health
  • Biotech
  • Healthcare services

Healthcare and biotech are going through a huge amount of change and need communications professionals who understand the highly technical sectors, able to unravel complex materials and communicate and engage a variety of stakeholders and communities.

Recruiting for healthcare & biotech communications roles

The biotech industry in the UK has experienced significant growth after the recent global healthcare pandemic. This has affected all areas of the sector including therapies, drugs, health care provision, and medical devices, not just vaccinations.

With millions of pounds invested into the industry during the pandemic, it is now one of the largest employers in the UK. Senior communication professionals are being challenged as they often advise on marketing and communications.

How can The Works Search help recruit healthcare comms professionals?

At The Works Search, we understand how important it is to ensure that everyone in your company works to strict regulatory and privacy requirements. That’s why we thoroughly interview all our candidates face to face to provide you with a list of potential professionals who not only have the right qualifications and experience but will only add to your company’s reputation.

Only13%of our 2022 placed candidates were sourced from an advert (our network proved to be far stronger)

Our team of specialist recruiters has a wealth of experience and knowledge of the industry, including the regulations and laws that govern it.

The Works Search healthcare & biotech executive search in London

With our industry experience and network of professionals, our team can help to place the highest performers within 8 weeks for permanent, senior healthcare roles in London and beyond.

If you are a healthcare company looking to find top corporate communications executives for your business, The Works Search can help. Contact us today to learn more about our search services.

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