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What’s the lowdown on
54% of employees received a bonus, showing that
there is continued positivity in the economy with a
strong desire to retain employee engagement.
Corporate Communications
Global Heads of Communications fared the
best receiving an average bonus of £58,000.
Communications Directors received an average of
£27,000 while Senior PR Managers were £16,000
better off after their bonuses.
Once again, it was Global Heads of
Communications bringing in the biggest
bonuses, averaging at an impressive £76,000.
Communications Directors received an average
bonus of £37,000 and Senior PR Managers were
given an average bonus of £20,000.
Internal Communications
Heads of Internal Communications were given
an average bonus of £25,000. Senior Managers
were in receipt of an average bonus of £11,000,
with £9,500 being awarded on average to Internal
Communications Managers.
Corporate PR Agencies
CEOs and MDs fared the best with average
bonuses of £35,000 and £30,000 respectively.
Associate Directors and Senior Account Directors
were the recipients of £4,000 and £3,500 bonuses
on average.
Financial PR Agencies
Managing Directors received an average bonus
of £45,000 while Board Directors pocketed an
average bonus of £35,000. Associate Directors
fared well with bonuses of £25,000 on average,
with Senior Account Directors bringing in an
average of £12,000 in bonus.
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