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The Works Search
Annual Salary Survey
The aim of this survey was to get a clear picture
of salaries and bonuses being paid in both PR
agencies and in-house Corporate Communications
teams across London, and also to gauge the
level of satisfaction among PR and Corporate
Communications professionals in their current
role and company. We also looked into employee
satisfaction in the workplace along with some
of the issues facing employers – which we will
examine in more depth in a series of blog posts
over the next few months. Make sure you don’t
miss out by signing up to our Weekly Word
Our findings were taken from the disciplines
we specialise in: Corporate Communications,
Financial Communications, Consumer PR and
Internal Communications. We recruit at board
level downwards and our data has come from our
clients and candidates – a real blend of in-house
Corporate Communications teams and leading
consultancies in London. We also cross-referenced
the findings with data and salary details we are
privy to from our own database.
Naturally, with an increasing number of
respondents working under a more diverse range
of job titles than ever across the industry, some of
the salary results will seem quite wide-ranging. We
therefore looked at the findings and consolidated
them with our own knowledge, along with evidence
from our database, to come up with suggestions
of what we believe the more typical salary ranges
would be for particular roles. We based these
recommendations on the ranges that we, in our
professional capacity, most commonly encounter.
The Works Search surveyed 850 PR
professionals in the Communications
industry, using a time frame of January 2014
to December 2014.
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