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The Works Search
Annual Salary Survey
So are PRs happy at work and
feeling challenged?
Moving away from the subject of salaries, overall
job satisfaction levels are on the up which shows
great engagement results.
80% of employees feel as though their opinions
count at work.
72% have had opportunities to learn and
develop at work, showing how the industry
continues to focus on offering training and
development opportunities in the workplace.
These are both positive and important findings,
showing that job satisfaction is derived not just
from the figures on a pay slip. While a good basic
salary and bonus are still important, the desire
for a better work-life balance and working to
accommodate personal preferences and needs is
becoming increasingly important for employees.
Having a strong team culture has really come
to the fore in recent years, a trend which the
findings of our survey underline. Over a third of
respondents say that team culture is one of the
most important factors when considering a new
role. With employers having to work harder to
attract the top talent, offering a good working
culture with healthy team morale is becoming a
The overall mood among PR and Communications
employees appears to be a very positive one.
79% of respondents say they have a very clear
understanding of the values, vision and mission
of their employer. In return, they feel trusted
and motivated to move their careers forward as
more employers see the value in letting talented
employees take greater ownership of their roles.
Companies looking to attract and retain talent are
keen to make their brands appealing to potential
recruits. Based on our findings, we suggest that
employers go the extra mile to offer opportunities
for training, mentoring and self-development.
A final few words
We hope that you have found the results of our
survey useful and informative. We look forward
to sharing further insights on the findings relating
to engagement and job satisfaction. We will also
be looking at the gender gap and what the most
important factors are for PR professionals when
moving jobs. Make sure you’re signed up to our
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of participating
employees receive
recognition for their work
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