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Annual Salary Survey
Salary increases – what’s
the feeling among PR
60% of employees receiving a raise in salary were
happy with the increase. This shows an uplift
of 19% on the previous year’s findings – good
news for employers looking to retain their key
players and keep their teams feeling satisfied and
performing at their best.
49% feel as though they are underpaid and a
further 49% of the respondents feel as though
they are only adequately paid.
Only 2% thought they were overpaid. The
message that has emerged from this is that the
management of a 24-hour press office is one
that deserves recognition and they don’t feel as
though they are getting it. This is clearly an issue
that needs to be addressed within the industy.
We find these results unsurprising when
considering the long hours that PR professionals
work. Most of them are working considerably
longer than typical 9-5 hours and this no doubt
has an impact on how happy they feel about
their salaries.
It is possible that employees still do not feel that
their pay cheques are an adequate reflection of the
strengthening economy.
Expectations among employees continue to run
high. While employers have increased salaries,
38% of employees weren’t happy with their raise.
That’s 12% more unhappy customers than the
previous year. Employees know that they are
playing in a niche market with a shrinking talent
pool yet they have been faced with a string of
poor pay rises for too many years. In this stronger
economy, it would appear that employees are
not keeping up with the pay expectations of their
of PR professionals said
they were happy with
their salary increases
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