What it’s like to be a Resourcer at The Works Search

14 Mar 2016 by Lizzie Potts.

Lizzie Potts shares her experiences of working as a PR and communications recruitment Resourcer in The Works Search team.

1. What does a Resourcer do at The Works Search?

A Resourcer’s role is to source the best candidates for our clients. We follow the process from start to finish; firstly meeting clients with Consultants in order to take detailed job briefs, then calling through the industry experts on our database and headhunting the most suitable professionals and finally arranging registration meetings with Consultants before securing candidate interviews with a range of prestigious companies.

2. Do you have calling times like many agencies and are at your desk all day?

Twice a week we have whole team proactive calling sessions for 3 hours but the length of our calls or time spent on the phone are never recorded. We are by no means tied to our desks, often accompanying Consultants to client meetings and sitting in during candidate registrations.

3. Recruitment has lots of targets, how do you keep on track?

Keeping on track is down to a combination of effective time management and being shown clear objectives in advance, both of which the whole team at The Works Search supports and trains Resourcers to accomplish.

4. You specialise in recruiting PR and comms people – what are they like to speak to/meet?

No two conversations are ever the same, each person I speak to has a fascinating story to tell be it about their own career or interesting clients that they are working with. The majority of PR and comms people are so friendly and easy to talk to – it is their job after all to communicate well!

5. What’s the purpose of starting as a Resourcer? 

Starting as a Resourcer gives you the opportunity to learn about the PR industry and build a strong network of high-class talent. You learn what it takes to be a Consultant first-hand as we work alongside them every day.

6. What have you found most challenging?

The biggest challenge has been mastering the art of persistence. You need to learn to not get disheartened when a job falls through or a candidate drops out, and move on to the next job. You also need to be able to persistently pick up the phone and hit the sometimes intimidating call targets.

7. What do you like most about your job?

Recruitment for me is all about the people (and the money!). I love the team I work alongside and the candidates I spend all day talking to. I’ve learnt so much more about PR and the wider world of business across different sectors than I ever thought I would.

8. How much do you earn from each person you place when you first start?

Anywhere between £200 and £600 – it all depends on their starting salary!

9. Does your basic and commission improve when you move up to be a Trainee Consultant?

Yes, the basic is likely to go up to £25 – 26k and the commission is brilliant – you can easily earn £35 – 40k overall in just your first year here.  After that you can more than double it each year as you get better and your network grows.

10. How quickly can you move up to be a trainee consultant?

3 – 6 months is the norm.

11. What is the team really like?

Fantastic! Everyone is so supportive and committed to helping Resourcers progress as quickly as possible, even if you ask them endless questions and advice like me! They’re also pretty fun to hang around with outside of the office too.

12. In your mind, what are the 3 traits a Resourcer needs to have in spades to be successful?

  • Persistence
  • Confidence
  • Tenacity 

The Works are a growing and successful team based in London Bridge. To find out about our latest search and recruitment vacancies see our internal recruitment pages or email your CV to our Recruitment Manager Isabelle Greaves.

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