The Works Salary Survey: How’s your sector doing?

16 Sep 2013 by Sarah Leembruggen.

Last year’s tentative recovery continues to gather pace, according to our figures, collated from over a thousand PR and Communications professionals. The outlook is optimistic, with increased salaries and growing teams. And it’s still growth in the corporate sector that’s leading the way. How does your market fare in our Salary Survey?

The Works Search and Selection surveyed over a thousand people earlier this year, as part of our annual look at the state of the PR and Communications business. It’s a snapshot of the market, to assess the general health of the industry and measure the mood of employees working in PR.

And it’s good news for agencies and in-house, with a general increase in salaries and bonuses across all sectors. The figures build on last years’ signs of recovery with the majority of those surveyed increasing the size of their teams, as well.  Only 9% of employers didn’t recruit and only 3% reduced their numbers.

Anecdotal evidence from our clients, reflects a mood of optimism for better and more sustained growth. That’s borne out by our experience of recruiting in PR and Comms from Board level down, where we’ve seen a fourfold increase in the number of new roles in the first half of this year, compared to 2012. The majority of that growth is in the Corporate sector, in both agencies and in corporate comms in-house.

By January 2013, 41% of employees received a salary increase and 49% of those PRs who were surveyed got a bonus.Most agency employers (70%) increased the salaries of most of their PR Consultants.

Top level salaries are still to be found in Financial PR where an average in-house Head of Comms takes home around £126,000, plus bonus. Colleagues in financial agencies aren’t far behind, when considering take home pay, and on average the agencies in this sector tend to benefit from a larger bonus.

Salaries are attracting candidates in the corporate sector too, where an average PR Manager is paid £50,500. In a corporate agency an Account Manager on average takes home £30,000.

The technology sector is a burgeoning market for PR and Comms, where specialist experience is often required and renumeration reflects that with agency salaries at Director level averaging £72,000. In-house, it’s around £59,000, boosted with a bonus of 10 – 25%.

Consumer PR is always a popular sector for candidates and an Account Exec at an agency can expect to be paid from £17 – 27,000, a Senior Account Exec will average £24,000 and a Senior Account Manager will take home £37,500 on average. In-house a Press Officer will range from £31,000 - £45,000 and a PR Manager earns £78,000 on average.

In summary: It’s still tough out there but things are looking up. In-house roles continue to appeal to the majority of prospective candidates we meet, but agency salaries are competitive and often offer a bigger bonus.

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