The inevitable question at the end of the interview: ‘Have you any questions?’

06 Apr 2015 by Sarah Leembruggen.

No doubt by this stage the interviewer has told you lots about the company and the role, and you might be sitting there thinking, 'you have covered everything, what can I possibly ask?’ Asking a question in such a situation can be a daunting prospect anyway, never mind that they have most likely answered anything you could have asked.

To help you feel prepared, we recommend that you have a few non-job specific questions up your sleeve (as at least 3 are likely to have been spoken about already).

Here we go :

1. ‘Why do you enjoy working here?’ or ‘What attracted you to join the company?’ (If they joined less than a year ago)

2. ‘What's the biggest challenge in the role?’

3. ‘What does a typical day look like?’

4. ‘What's the one thing you don't want to tell me about the role?’ (Said with a smile)

5. ‘What are the most pressing priorities?’

We could continue but these are a good starting point. We would love to hear your gems for questions: please do share them with us at @theworksrecruit

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