The 4 big motivators for PR professionals to leave their jobs

14 Jul 2015 by Sarah Leembruggen.

Our survey polled 850 professionals working across the PR and Communications industry and the respondents answered a series of questions not only on their salaries and bonuses but also about their levels of job satisfaction and the things that keep them motivated in the workplace, such as flexible working options, role variety and training opportunities.  When asked about ‘must haves’ when it comes to switching roles, the most popular answers make for a rather interesting read.

1. Career progression

53% of respondents chose career progression as one of the most important factors to take into consideration when weighing up the pros and cons of a new role.  This is not such a surprising result.  Having a career path with specific goals in mind means that employees have identified and learned the skills necessary to make them attractive to a wider range of employers.  They will be able to understand whether a specific job fits into their overall career plans and they will evaluate and re-evaluate their current situation and their options. After all, no one wants to be in a job where they are not putting their skills to use, no longer excited by the role or feel undervalued.  Having a focused eye on career progression and the steps you need to take in order to achieve your dreams is a must.

2. Salary increase

Again, it’s no big surprise to see money feature in respondents’ top four factors they consider when contemplating a move.  43% say they prioritise the financial gains a new job has to offer.   While changing roles is by far the quickest way to increase your earning power, always approach this one with caution.  A salary increase can be hard to resist, and your skills may be such that by switching jobs, you can earn a great deal more than you are now, but don’t be seduced by the pound signs.  You want to move to a job that will challenge you, energise you, inspire you and make you happy.  The larger pay cheque each month should be a happy consequence of finding a job that meets all your needs.

3. Team culture

This was the one that made us look twice.  While we appreciate the increasing importance of a great working culture, we weren’t expecting it to rank so highly with a whopping 34% of respondents placing this factor in their top four when looking to switch roles. 

Team culture is now a high priority when it comes to shaping employees’ decisions when choosing a new role.  It also plays a big part in employee retention.  Long gone are the days when the office was a ‘place to work’ – it’s now somewhere to learn, be mentored, take part in challenges, socialise, and make long-lasting and meaningful connections.  By ensuring there is a conscious, vibrant team culture in the workplace, employers are on the right track to securing the best players – and keeping them on board for the duration.

Imagine, for example, an office full of people who love to travel, where exciting destinations and off the beaten track adventures are the centre of conversation. This kind of connection can help colleagues bond and become a better team.  Employees looking to move to a new job are incredibly mindful of finding a workplace that will be conducive to their productivity, comfort and happiness.

4. Ownership of role and feeling of empowerment

The same percentage of respondents (34%) chose this as one of their top considerations when evaluating their next career move.

When you take ownership of your job and do it really well, the end result is success – and who doesn’t want that?  So if a job opportunity comes up where you know you will be able to really make a difference, it’s going to be very hard to resist it.  When you ‘own’ a role, people notice you and you fast-track your way to promotion.  Working in this kind of role is incredibly energising and empowering.  You do something well, you feel proud of it, you want to do even better – the cycle feeds on itself and increases your capability.  When looking for a new job, knowing that it’s a job that will give you the chance to go above and beyond and thus move your career forward is a very powerful reason to think about making that move.

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