Talking to our future PR professionals at Bournemouth Uni!

19 Mar 2012

I was invited (on behalf of The Works) to give a guest lecture at Bournemouth University to students studying PR who are about to undertake their 40 week placements. The Works relish any opportunity to inform PR professionals (or prospective PR professionals) on the industry and how to be exceptional operators.

So I chose to talk about ‘the skills and attributes needed to be a success in PR’. I covered the basics: working across accounts, writing, media relations, social media and your CV, and demonstrated how you can stand out from the crowd in each of these areas.

For example, DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Before you walk into your new PR placement or job you should have a thorough idea of what sort of clients you are going to be working with and in what sectors. You should even be aware of your future colleagues and the latest press releases sent out into the public domain by the agency or company you are about to join. Don’t rely on the internet (although it is a good starting point), read PR publications (PR Week, Corp Comms etc), sign up to key news outlets (e.g. Gorkana news) and look into podcasts on the sector you are just about to work in (e.g. try ‘this week in tech‘ if you are going into technology PR).

The most important message of my lecture was that the key attributes you need to be successful in PR is having the right attitude and a positive mind set.

Sounds obvious? Well yes. But easier said than done….ask anyone who has been in the working world for more than two years.

So how do you keep a smile on your face every morning when you walk into work? Keep reminding yourself why you are so passionate about working in the wonderful world of PR (it truly is wonderful!), go to events with inspiring people, surround yourself with positive people who pick your mood up (both in and outside of work), keep enthusiastic and show willingness in everything you do (especially if you are at the start of your PR career).

Positive energy breeds positive energy.

Thank you Bournemouth for inviting us, we look forward to next time

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