Take the slog out of your blog

23 Oct 2013 by Sarah Leembruggen.

When you come to write your next business blog, ask yourself what your blog content says about you and your business. Then ask yourself what you want your readers to take away from your blog. It’s much easier to write a good blog if you know what you want to say, so content is key.

Then there’s how to write a blog. Writing for the web is a different to other, more traditional forms of writing. So if you think you need to hone your blog writing skills, read on:

1. Keep it brief: Most blog readers want to skim through a post that is entertaining and informative. The average blog post is between 200 – 500 words long. However, don’t scrimp on length if it means you can’t fully make your point. If your word count is hitting 1,000 your post is probably more soporific than stimulating.

2. Be succinct: Short sentences work well in blogs. They are easier to read and add impact and pace to a piece. Before posting, see how many extraneous words like ‘that’, ‘which’ or ‘because’ you can delete without losing the meaning of your sentence.

3. Short paragraphs: Short paragraphs help the reader to stay engaged and give clarity to a piece. It’s also easier on the eye if you’re reading on a mobile or an iPad. One point per paragraph and two sentences per paragraph is not a bad rule of thumb to work to.

4. Remember your grammar: Spelling and grammar are still important, particularly if you’re writing a business blog. Miniature keyboards on a handset mean we’re all more accepting of typos in hastily written texts, tweets and emails. But for blogging, try and get the basics right.

5. Be relevant: Before you post, re-read your piece and ask yourself if the content is relevant. If it isn’t adding something, to what you have to say about your business, don’t post it.

6. Generate ideas: Keep your blog fresh and pacey with a variety of topics. Look for new and interesting things you can blog about in different parts of your business. Small things that have made a big difference to the firm, star team members…What about guest blogs from your clients or customers? Or perhaps something topical that is current in your industry?

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