Spring clean your job

15 Apr 2014 by Sarah Leembruggen.

Spring has sprung and you have a sudden urge to overhaul things at work. Pick one thing to change—something achievable—and focus on it for the next couple of weeks. Be sure to make it a success. The feeling of success will drive you to achieve more successes. Before you know it, you will have whipped your career into shape!

Here are the areas that we want to work on:

Get out of the rut
It's easy to settle into a routine when you’ve been doing your job for a while. It’s also easy to fall into traps and start misusing your experience. Be careful not to make assumptions too quickly. We’ve probably all been guilty of assessing a candidate based purely on where they work and not paying enough attention to what their skills are. It’s really important to keep this in check and maintain an open mind. Spring is definitely a good time to reassess our approach and be open to trying out new ways of working. Try making the following change. Work on the most important task first. Resist the temptation to work on the things you like doing most.

Learn some new skills
We can always learn new things, however small. Take a careful look at those around you. Simple things such as the way they conduct their phone calls or how they use social media to keep up with what’s current in your field can be surprisingly enlightening.

Don’t be afraid to suggest more training. Whether it’s a formal seminar on managing the work-life balance or a spontaneous decision to enroll the team on a 2-hour archery session, these experiences are sure to improve camaraderie and possibly unleash some hidden talents.

Shake off those outdated habits
Is there a pile of paperwork on your desk? Do you tend to print things, read it once (or not at all) and then leave it on your desk with a stack of papers that have received similar treatment? With everything done electronically it's really unnecessary to have paper cluttering up your desk. You’ve operated this way for years so it's hard to break the habit but it’s one worth giving a really good go.

Listen to your body
The right lifestyle choices come hand in hand with positive knock-on effects at work. Start simple—make sure you get enough sleep, know when you need to take a break and learn to spot when you’re no longer working effectively.
When we find ourselves fighting to meet a deadline, healthy eating habits often go awry. Reaching for a nutritious mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack (seeds, nuts, fruit, veggies and dips) will curb hunger cravings and keep your sugar levels stable so that you can power through the rest of the day with a razor-sharp mind!
Making time for yourself, doing things that you love, getting enough exercise and trying new classes at the gym will enhance the quality of your life and contribute to the realisation of your career aspirations.

Eliminate stress
There are an abundance of techniques to connect mind and body and help deal with frustration and stress. Some of them can seem a little intimidating but the simple ones are often the most effective. Ground yourself. Place both feet on the ground and bring your attention to the feeling of the earth supporting them. Take a few deep breaths and crack on! When the going gets tough, visualize the negative energy you’re feeling and watch it being pushed away by positive energy. You’ll be surprised by how calm you feel!

Could this spring be the season you finally give up caffeine?
Not only will you see your energy levels and moods improve but you’ll also be saving yourself a pretty penny on those fancy coffees you pick up on the way to work.

Declutter, declutter, declutter
There are always things we can get rid of. We probably all need to take better control of our inboxes. Having a filing system is all well and good but are you actually dealing with all those nicely categorised emails?

Make sure your desk is clear before you start work. Taking 5 minutes to spruce it up will make you feel more organised and set you up for a super proactive day!

What are you doing this spring to shake up your work routine? We’d love to hear your insights on the subject.

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