Our Salary Survey results are in—the outlook is bright for PRs

10 Sep 2014 by Sarah Leembruggen.

Much more than a humdrum list of who’s being paid what amount, our survey is both an in-depth analysis of salaries and bonuses across our specialist sectors and a fascinating insight into the wellbeing of PRs at work.

For the first time this year, we have combined Corporate and Financial salaries since many of these teams have now merged. Traditional Financial Agencies are now doing a large amount of Corporate Communications work; pooling the results in these sectors seemed to be a logical change to make.

So what’s the lowdown?

In a nutshell, the outlook is incredibly bright. Top-performing PRs are a hot commodity! The increased demand we’ve seen for good quality candidates is shown in our figures, collated from over 700 PR and Communications professionals.  There have been more salary increases than last year, including some very impressive ones, and more employees are pocketing bonuses.  This is a reflection of the buoyant market and with confidence levels soaring, employees are demanding that little bit more…and getting it.

This year we bring you two versions of the survey—an interactive PDF –

Or to save your own copy of the brochure for later reference you can visit this link –

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Read on to find out how your sector fares.

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