New Year’s career resolutions?

03 Jan 2013 by Sarah Leembruggen.

Your CV is more important than ever. 2012 PR recruitment was risk averse, with agency and in-house seeking top notch candidates with solid experience and the specialist expertise they know they need. With no sign of a change in the market, your CV needs to pack a punch.

For instant impact make your CV specific, relevant and tailored to each application. Ditch any flimflam and make your bullet points concise. Be hard on yourself – if it’s not adding substance to your details, delete it.

Keep your resume really fresh – update it every quarter, perhaps every month, so when you’re approached for a fantastic job, you won’t be caught on the hop and you’ll be able to talk through your experience. In a time when it’s about the best candidate for the job and companies are sticking to what they know, you need to be ready to react at any moment.

Detailing your recent achievements and successes is critical. Of course you’ll need to tweak your CV for a particular job, but think of it like developing a pitch document that needs to be continually improved and takes time to mature.

Don’t just list your responsibilities, relate your points to your outcomes and try to use examples that are relevant to the position you’re applying for. It’s an obvious point, but many applicants just don’t do it.

The wording and format of your CV needs to be clear and easy to read – your skills, experience, competencies and potential to deliver, need to be conveyed in seconds. Two pages of A4 is ample. Resist any temptation to add borders or backgrounds. Click here for some examples of current CV styles.

Other advice for PR job seekers: Put more effort into networking, keep up to the minute with what’s happening in your sector, take up any career development opportunities you’re offered and ooze energy and enthusiasm in your work. Positive people and a winning mentality are very attractive, which ultimately could be the difference between being passed over, or shaking on a deal.

If you’re still uncertain about your CV, why not let one of our Consultants run through it with you? After all, they know the most effective way to link the right PR people to the right PR jobs. Stay in touch with our website for some of the best communications roles in consumer, corporate, financial, tech & digital. Our blog and advice pages have more tips on job seeking in PR or you could sign up to our newsletter.

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