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18 Feb 2015 by Sarah Leembruggen.

We’ve made it through January. We’re all suitably detoxed and decluttered and forging ahead with renewed vigour into February! Well, that might be stretching the truth a little… While some (or all) of your New Year’s resolutions may have fallen by the wayside sooner than you care to admit, there is still time to seize the opportunity to make a fresh start in your career.

Now is the ideal time to think about not just what you want to achieve in the coming months but also whether it’s time to move on, look for a new challenge, brush the cobwebs off your interview suit and put at least one of those well-intentioned resolutions into action.

Articulating ideas and opinions clearly and confidently is one of the natural strengths of most PR and Communications professionals but this shouldn’t mean relying wholly on your sharp thinking and well-honed ad-libbing skills to get you through an interview. After all you will be up against equally eloquent individuals. There is always room for improvement! You will need to demonstrate an interview technique that is not just great but superior to your competitors, which means having a few well-polished strategies up your sleeve.

Know your strengths – and show them

Go into the interview fully aware of the traits that you, as a high achiever, want to showcase:

  • You want to be the very best you can be.
  • You want to make a difference.
  • You love a challenge.
  • You want to learn and progress.
  • You want to be valued and recognised for your abilities and capabilities.
  • You will enjoy being really busy, thrive on it and be able to prioritise what is important when it comes to making money for the company or being successful.
  • You are tenacious and never give up, however challenging the situation.
  • You don’t aim to reach targets – you aim to exceed them.

Go through these points before your interview and ask yourself whether you will be able to demonstrate them in the answers and examples of situations /specific achievements that you give during the interview.

Demonstrate your Return On Investment

You may think that you know your CV inside out but it is vital to spend time looking at each job, pulling out what you learned and a couple of interesting and relevant achievements. You should have this nailed so that it’s compelling and interesting and highlights what a great asset you will be to the company. Remember, this is your elevator pitch, so practice it.

Monitor body language

We all know that establishing a good rapport from the outset is a must in any interview situation. Interviewers will make their mind up about you in the first 5 minutes so be certain you don’t fall at the first hurdle. Make sure that you are dressed in a way that is appropriate to the environment, but to step up to the next level, you need to be aware of the interviewer’s body language. The key is to match your body language with theirs. Cross your legs if they have theirs crossed and talk at a similar pace – you can speed up if that is more natural to you but match their pace for the first five minutes. These subtle additions to your rapport building will make the other party that little bit more comfortable with you – and contribute to your ultimate success.

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