LinkedIn for Job seekers: Recruiters are everywhere – maximise your profile.

25 Nov 2013 by Sarah Leembruggen.

Looking for your next career move? If you’re on LinkedIn your details are under constant scrutiny, by recruiters, clients and competitors – who knows where your next job will come from?

LinkedIn is a busy marketplace, so to stand out from the competition you need to rethink how you engage with your network and refresh things.

Start by thinking about the LinkedIn basics. Some of these tips are common sense; but, as they say, common sense isn’t so common; and as we’re getting back to basics, we may as well cover everything.....

  1. Your summary: If you’re ‘googled’, chances are your LinkedIn profile will appear.  Make your summary snappy and succinct. Choose the wording to encompass everything about yourself and what you do. Choose your keywords carefully to appear in recruiters'/hiring managers' searches.
  2. Complete your profile: Obvious? Maybe... but there are still those people who don’t have a 100% completed profile. You’re much more likely to get positive engagement if you complete every section and it’s vital if you’re job hunting. Gaps in your profile could send out the wrong message.
  3. Recommendations: Have a minimum of 3 good recommendations. Make them relevant and specific to your skill set.  Write insightful recommendations for other people, to pep up your professional presence – they may reciprocate with a recommendation for you.
  4. Become an expert: Join groups and discussions; it’s a quick and powerful way to grow your network, boost your profile and demonstrate your professional expertise.  Offering good advice and regularly contributing will help to establish you as an expert in your field.  
  5. Share share share: Updates, files and presentations. Make your page a great source of good professional material. People who share more than once a day have more profile views than those who do not. 
  6. Profile photos: I shouldn’t even need to say this but....always have a profile photo. Use a head and shoulders shot of you in a professional capacity. Profiles with photos get a much better response rate. 
  7. Weblinks: Essential.  Make your URL stand out, have links to websites and blogs you write or have contributed to. Rich text is appealing and demonstrates you are an active user of social media.

Now, are you prepared for a recruitment call? Not sure? We have everything you need to wow a recruiter and ace the interview.

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