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23 Feb 2017

During her time in the Life Sciences division of Financial Dynamics (now FTI Consulting), Anna became fascinated by the degree to which people focus on reactive health. She couldn’t understand why we were not paying more attention to being proactive, why wasn't there more effort going into preventing people getting sick in the first place. Struggling to find adequate answers Anna decided to do something about it.

I asked Anna why she wanted to set up Gazelle Partners…

“When I worked in financial PR, my colleagues will know I was always the one smoking at 6am before a press release went out. I was the one tucking into bottles of wine in the evening and not managing to go to the gym.  I was tired all the time, wasn’t sleeping well, was unhappy and had pretty much lost my way. Looking back, I didn't have the support that I needed. I didn’t know how to help myself and I felt stuck in a rut. I did not realise then that small lifestyle tweaks could make such a big difference both mentally and physically. 

We wanted to create an opportunity for people, who are struggling mentally  or physically to learn how they, as individuals can improve their status quo. How they can take back control, learn the skills they need to make changes sustainable. It is all about creating an environment in which you, as an individual, can flourish.

Many of the people we work with are seeking greater happiness, many are lacking energy and clarity, some just want to nail a PB on an event or lose body fat and some don't really know what they want - but they know they need something! Around 25% of the people we work with are battling with some degree of depression, anxiety or stress.

As our programmes are personalised, we tailor the journey to the individual. We do a lot of listening and a lot of supporting. I believe one of the greatest gifts you can give another human being is time. We listen, we develop fun and achievable action plans and we provide ongoing support. This combination has seen some incredible changes".


About Gazelle Partners

Gazelle focus on mental and physical wellbeing, covering four key areas: nutrition, exercise, sleep and state of mind. They have a variety of programmes and products from workshops, to 30 day challenges to 8 week programmes. All are personalised, some involve one-to-one sessions and some are completely digital, all focused on the merits of being proactive. 

To date, Gazelle Partners have offered their programmes to individuals within organisations who have bought their services. However, they are frequently asked by participants if their husband/wife/friend etc. can do it. Due to popular demand, they are now launching a private programme, and it sounds amazing value!


They have a one-time offer of just £295 plus VAT, read more here.

Join Gazelle on their facebook page to see video diaries from previous participants’ experiences or follow Anna on LinkedIn. If you would like more information on the private programme or how Gazelle can support your business email


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