The headhunters reveal their goals for 2016 - What are yours?

12 Jan 2016 by Sarah Leembruggen.

As it’s rarely plain sailing to achieve your goals, mapping out your goals in attainable stages and tweaking them as you go along is a handy idea. Rather than saying, “I'm going to give up sugar”, you could instead set a goal to reduce your sugar intake gradually, finding healthy alternatives and slowly but surely bringing about a lifestyle change - one which will stick. Here the Works Search team share their personal goals for 2016 – what are your goals for the year, or which key steps would you like to achieve? We’d love to hear them - tweet us @theworksrecruit.

Sarah Leembruggen, Managing Director

“To buy something inspiring and/or seasonal from Borough Market every Friday, find a recipe which uses it and cook it over the weekend. In this way, I will learn new dishes and make the most of what's on my doorstep. By the end of the year, I will have a new repertoire and be more creative with meals.”

James Baybutt, Senior Consultant

“My goal is to improve my tennis and try to move up a league from league 3 to league 2, and I’m giving myself a deadline for the end of April.”

Warren Madlin, Consultant

“To confidently hold conversations in Spanish by the end of the year and use on future travels to Spain and Latin America. I will begin by listening to a series of 4 audio books I have already purchased before signing up to Spanish classes and buying interactive software.”

Miriam Hanna, Consultant

“To go for a run once a week. I feel better after a run but I never really do it because I feel it’s a big commitment. When I say to myself I will simply go once a week, I mentally make it a little easier and who knows, maybe I will do it more regularly when I get into the routine. I want to have better physical fitness as it makes me feel more alert and so much more productive!”

Megan Crayford-Noble, Consultant

“My goal is to learn to speak Spanish, using my commute each day to learn and practising at home until I feel confident enough to hold a conversation.”

Millie Ginnett, Consultant

“My goal was set while my boyfriend and I were travelling in Australia. We both read three books each in the space of a month and realised how reliant on technology we have become for evening entertainment. It was refreshing to realise that reading shouldn’t be and doesn’t have to be a chore. Due to my dyslexia, leisure reading is something I had avoided as I tend to struggle to read when I’m tired, however, during the holiday I was reminded how educational, stimulating and enjoyable it can be. My goal is to replace watching television with reading at least three times a week and a minimum of one book a month.”

Emmy Mayo-Jennings, Resourcer

“My two main personal goals for the year are 1) Taking up mindfulness- both an eight week mindfulness course I am starting, as well as taking up Yoga/Pilates at my gym and incorporating mindfulness into exercise. 2)Booking weekend trips either in the UK or European countries every other month so I have something to look forward to every two months and will hopefully have visited 6 new cities by 2017!”

Lizzie Potts, Resourcer

“My goal is to go to the gym three times a week, gradually increasing the difficulty of my workouts, working up to completing a long distance run later in the year. This way I will improve my fitness, energy levels and sleep patterns.”

Kate Juhler, Executive Search Associate

“To do a full scorpion pose in yoga by the end of the year. To achieve this I need to commit to practising at least three times per week. I also need to watch my nutrition (I’m working towards cutting out dairy and refined sugar for good) and do daily core and back strengthening exercises. This will give me extra strength and a sense of achievement by the end of the year- not just for the scorpion pose but for others too, and because it is such a hard/advanced pose I will know I have achieved something great.”

Abby Warren, Business Support and Marketing Manager

“My goal for the year is to get involved with more charity volunteering. I’ve been accepted as a volunteer with Centrepoint, which is a fantastic homeless charity for 16-25 year olds, and I am looking forward to doing further volunteering with more organisations throughout the year.”

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