Important market changes in 2016

07 Sep 2016 by Sarah Leembruggen.

What have we seen at board to mid level hiring so far this year with our in-house and agency clients? The mood has been positive and without any indication of Brexit causing a significant impact in recruitment at senior level either in-house or agency-side, which reflects an ongoing position of business as usual in the PR and communications industry. Our focus is moving away from the consumer sector and focusing purely on corporate and financial communications and internal communications, our most thriving space and one which we have developed a truly impressive network of professionals who we partner with on a long-term basis.

So far this year our statistics show only 15% of our roles are filled through advertising, which means a rather impressive 85% are filled because of our discreet headhunting, and referrals from our extensive network.

This also goes to show the truth in how the majority of the market is passive – over 60% in fact. Passive professionals are not actively looking for a role, but they will be tempted should something exciting and interesting be put their way – an advert is simply not going to do the job, particularly at board level. Effective and quality hires are made through knowing excellent people, and speaking to them regularly which is why our proactive approach is working. Impressive senior professionals need to be impressed, by thorough knowledge of a role, culture and the current mood in the market – and by what a potential move could do for their career.

We changed our business model to align with the market climate in 2014 – the way professionals look for jobs has fundamentally changed and we have changed with it to stay ahead, developing into a streamlined search business with dedicated headhunters to fill roles. We have found where we have had the most success with filling roles this year is where we have partnered exclusively with a company – 80% success, in fact.

Agency roles take us three times as long to fill compared to in-house because of the desire for in-house from professionals and the ‘grass is greener’ effect. The agencies which have recognised this this year have worked in partnership with us (our gold service) and we have filled 80% of these roles. We have been less successful with the PR agencies which give a job brief to multiple search agencies as we are unable to dedicate the resource required to fill them.

Now everyone is returning from their summer holidays, the market will forge forward again as companies decide to get fill gaps in the team and we get more professionals getting in touch wanting to move roles before Christmas.

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