Happy Christmas! With love from, Your Boss

18 Dec 2013 by Sarah Leembruggen.

This is what some of our PR clients and contacts said when we asked this Christmas question: What would be the best gift your manager could give you this year?....

  1. A different desk!
  2. I think I would like a book of coupons valued for my boss to make me a cup of tea as and when I chose, to 'cash in' the offer during 2014.
  3. In an ideal world, the best present my manager could give me would be a boyfriend.
  4. A Mulberry handbag.
  5. The best present my manager could give me would be…a break…and a nappy because I would wet myself laughing if they did.
  6. The best present my manager could give me would be a full time permanent job.
  7. I’d ask for greater flexibility with working hours.
  8. All his air miles and 3 month sabbatical!
  9. I don’t really want my manager to give me a Christmas present. Here’s why: If it’s part of a secret Santa, it will be sh*t or even worse a poor attempt at humour.
  10. The one thing my manager could give me for Christmas is clients who don't want to do their main launch just after Christmas and new biz prospects who appreciate that quality proposals require more than just a few days to prepare.
  11. My ideal Christmas present from my current employer would be my P45.
  12. My answer is very boring - it would be a new tie. Extremely lame I know, but I never seem to find nice ones.
  13. As the only PR person in the entire business, a team would be nice!
  14. It would have to be a tin hat, to protect me when I ask my team to come in this Saturday to power through some work before the end of the year.
  15. More budget, a clearer understanding of next year’s strategy…and a partridge in a pear tree!

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