9 ways to shine in your first 100 days

21 Jun 2013 by Sarah Leembruggen.

  1. Brand you: Before starting the job, think about your current image and the image you want to project. This is a chance for you to leave behind any career baggage, and start afresh. Consider your current reputation, your strengths and weaknesses and how you can build on your best qualities by implementing your own strategy to cement a stronger, more productive and dynamic you.
  2. Culture is key: Align yourself with the values of the agency or firm by understanding its culture. Absorb yourself in adopting the subtleties of the language used, the dress code, working practices, preferred methods of communication etc. Fit in as quickly and as seamlessly as you can.
  3. Be visible: It’s critical to be seen in PR. Initially make a point of introducing yourself to key colleagues and clients. Beyond that, make sure you maintain the relationships you’ve established. Remember and relay the small details of your previous conversations for extra impact.
  4. Listen & learn: Understand the dynamics of the group you are working with. Active listening will encourage your colleagues and clients to empathise with you. Take notes and follow-up on everything promptly.
  5. Get involved: Boost your profile and build on your reputation as being pro-active and committed. Take up invitations for launches, events and socials where you can network.
  6. Social media: Ensure that any successes, you and your team may have are announced in the company newsletter, posted on the website, published in the professional press, tweeted, facebooked….whichever way is most appropriate.
  7. Step back: Beware of office politics. Take plenty of time to find out who’s who, and what’s what. Try not to get involved in tittle-tattle or office wars that could unravel the good work you’re doing.
  8. Praise Be: Giving praise and recognition is a powerful motivator. If you are managing people remember to communicate your good impressions of people and let them know that you recognise the importance of their role.
  9. Don’t worry: Stress paralysis can set in during the early days of a new job and worry can be debilitating. If you can’t think, you can’t learn and you can’t function. Find a way to manage your nerves to allow you to recover your confidence.

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