8 ways to make a killer first impression in your first 30 days

29 Jan 2015 by Sarah Leembruggen.

The first 30 days of a new job can be overwhelming. You are meeting everyone, and everyone is meeting you. Making a good first impression with each and every person you come into contact with will have a major impact on your future success with the company. Most people are going to make their mind up about you within the first few seconds of meeting you. Research shows that people can make very accurate snap judgments within seconds, so how can you be sure you leave the new members of your team with a favourable impression?

1. Have a Positive Attitude

Nothing works better – in all situations – than having and expressing a positive attitude. Let your enthusiasm for being part of the team and the company show to everyone you interact with. And always leave non-work problems at home.

2. Look the Part

Like it or not, people will definitely take your clothes, makeup and jewellery into account when they weigh you up for the first time, so think about your appearance and make sure it says what you want it to say about you.  If you find it too hard to decide, ask a stylish friend for an honest opinion!

3. Be Interesting and Interested

If you are truly interested in making a good impression, people will pick up on this.  Make an effort to remember names and show a genuine interest in who they are and find out more about what they do.  The key here is to be real.  People intuitively know when someone is showing an authentic side.

4. Listen – and listen well!

Don’t think you necessarily ‘know it all already’. There are always things to learn, even more so when starting a new job. So when someone is explaining something to you, make the other person feel as though they are the centre of conversation – they’ll be more eager to talk to you again.

5. Build teams – and let them get on with it!

Once you have identified the issues that you want to address over the course of the first few weeks, you will want to build teams to tackle them. Show that you respect the abilities of your team by encouraging them to take ownership of the transformation process.

6. Learn

However many years of experience you may have under your belt, don’t go into a new job thinking you have it all worked out.  By showing that you are open to new ideas and embracing the chance to try different things, it will not only give you a sense of gratification, but also make those around you appreciate your open-minded approach.

7. Take the Initiative

Be proactive and volunteer to take part in, or even lead, a new project. This will give you the chance to show that you have great organisational skills and you will also get to know members of the team a lot better, a lot quicker. By placing yourself in a situation where you will be working closely with others, you will have the opportunity to work out the interests of your team and whether you share any passions or hobbies – it can be anything from a favourite lunchtime haunt to what sports you follow.  In any case, it’s a great way to break the ice and build rapport.

8. Be a Social Butterfly

The start of a new job is an incredibly busy time, not only in the office but outside of working hours, too. Make that extra effort to attend as many social gatherings as possible. The more people you know, the better. You need to be seen and heard, so start as you mean to go on, and get mingling!

And last, but by no means least, smile!

What are your sure-fire tips for making that all-important favourable first impression?  

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