7 apps headhunters can’t live without

02 Apr 2014 by Sarah Leembruggen.

Imagine working in an office with no email, no access to breaking news, no way to shop online. Worse still, just suppose you couldn’t tap the screen of your phone to get you to a meeting, check the latest on social media, read the reviews on a newly opened restaurant or play a mindless game on the long commute to work.

To most of our team (under a certain age!), this is inconceivable! When we took a closer look at the apps we use on a regular basis, the following seven came out on top:

1. Linkedin
Of course! No headhunter can go more than 10 minutes without LinkedIn, whether it’s for looking someone up, seeing your recently placed candidates proudly put their new position up or having a sneaky look at what competitors are doing.
You can be ahead of the curve with information as well as share articles you found useful to boost your credibility and show you are knowledgeable in your field. There’s a LOT to love about LinkedIn.

2. BBC News
This is another frequently checked app. News is addictive. It’s important to know what’s happening in the world and also essential for our jobs; knowing what’s happening helps us appreciate the stories candidates are referring to. For those of us who are pushed for time and no longer watch TV broadcasts, this app has become our main source of news.

3. Evernote
Who needs a notebook filled with indecipherable lists or a desk swimming in Post It notes when there’s Evernote? Its beauty is its sheer versatility. Anyone wanting to capture an idea, share a picture, store a document, record the audio of a meeting or write a simple shopping list can do it all of this—and more—on this one platform. Once saved, everything is accessible on the web or any other device. It’s an organizational godsend!

4. Citymapper
Like everyone else who lives, works or socialises in London, we are a little obsessed with Citymapper. It’s everything a map app should be. It gives details of a commute for a client/candidate meeting, the timings are spot on and it knows when there’s a Tube strike. It even offers a route to avoid the rain and a potential hair disaster!

5. Yplan
We love this “going out” app as it shows a spread of up to ten events happening on the evening of the current day. Its recommendations include gigs, film screenings, musicals and wine tasting sessions. We’re absolute believers in keeping up with the latest events so that our fingers are firmly on the pulse, giving us plenty to talk about with candidates.

6. TED Talks
This collection of short video lectures also wins our vote. The bite-size pieces of knowledge on all manner of subjects delivered by inspirational speakers are hard to beat. The content encourages us to build on what we already know as well as teach us things we didn’t know. It actually makes learning fun!

7. Headspace
Slightly hippy reputation aside, the practice of meditation has proven mental and physical health benefits for all of us.
The Headspace app offers meditation for modern life, fitting around current lifestyles and reacting to modern day stresses such as multitasking. Give this one a try on the train tomorrow morning!

What are the apps that you can’t manage without? We’d love to hear!

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