5 Great reasons to work in B2B Technology PR

10 Jul 2013 by Renee Wo.

Some people have the perception of B2B Tech PR being ‘dry’, however, in my opinion it’s one of the most fascinating sectors. All it takes is a little understanding to what the role actually involves. Here are 5 reasons why I think B2B rocks!

Technology is crucial: Being involved with B2B Tech PR means you will be working at the heart of innovative product development. It might be a product that you won’t see on the high street but it will often be a game-changer – and you’ll be helping to build the brand and bang out the message from the beginning.

Better paid: A B2B Tech PR Consultant will usually be paid more than their counterpart in consumer technology. At Account Executive level, on average this could be around an extra £2,000 to £3,000. For an Account Manager, it could be as much as £10,000 difference including bonuses.

Fast paced: The rate of change in technology is fast, so you are always mentally stimulated, but B2B especially because it's that one layer removed so you hear about ideas/services/products first hand, usually before it even reaches consumer tech audience. As a B2B Tech PR Consultant once said to me:‘My worst nightmare would be doing something like shampoo PR, a product that has had the same function for 100 years’.

Wider skill-set: From a professional development perspective, working on B2B technology means that you can expand your portfolio to include skills like Analyst Relations. There is also the cross-over with vertical trades such as automotive/retail/manufacturing. The back-end (non-consumer) side of things is often overlooked by candidates but it’s a really progressive and dynamic environment to work in.

Exposure: B2B technology gives you the opportunity to meet some of the most inspiring decision makers and senior people in global technology brands. Your remit is likely to extend beyond traditional PR campaigns - i.e. you could find yourself writing the script for a CEO's speech at a conference. It’s great exposure if you’re looking for rapid career progression.

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