LinkedIn for Job seekers: Recruiters are everywhere – maximise your profile.

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25 Nov 2013 Comments

There’s no stopping LinkedIn, who’ve announced they’ve hit 100 million worldwide members.
And, it’s no surprise that the global network is a rich resource for job seekers and recruiters. With a new LinkedIn member joining every second, you need to keep on top of your profile, particularly if you’re planning to move job; you need a profile that maximises your potential.
Start by going back to basics, and refresh the way you engage with your LinkedIn network.

Take the slog out of your blog

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23 Oct 2013 Comments

Writing your business blog shouldn’t be a chore. Remember all the reasons why you do it?...
You’re connecting with your clients and customers, you’re focusing on publicising what’s central to the success of your business, and you’re enhancing the profile of your venture and creating new leads.
Blogging is good for your business – that’s why you do it. But what makes a good blog? Content. Here are some things to help you create good quality content and take the slog out of your blog.

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