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Senior-level women in PR are being paid £10,000 less than their male counterparts.

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17 Jun 2015 Comments

When our annual Salary Survey revealed a considerable imbalance in the salaries and bonuses being paid to men and women in equivalent roles in PR and Corporate Communications, we felt compelled to delve deeper into the hows, whys and wherefores of this disparity. In the first of two instalments, we address the gender pay gap in PR and examine just how significant it is.

How to make a success of working in-house in 5 simple steps – Heads of Media reveal all!

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10 Jun 2015 Comments

I have recently worked and placed PR professionals with consulting firms and have enjoyed the experience of working with them. As part of gaining a better understanding of the market and in order to gain a valuable insight into what makes candidates successful in those teams, I have spent some time over the past few weeks speaking to the Heads of Communications and Media Relations of some of the biggest and well-known consulting firms in the industry including Deloitte and Accenture. In this series of blogs I will be sharing what I learnt.

5 Habits of Highly Effective Heads of Corporate Communications

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11 Mar 2015 Comments

While the ability to communicate – and do it extremely well – ranks highly on the remit of any Head of Comms, there are several other finely honed skills and carefully cultivated qualities that make the real star perfomers stand out. So what are the fundamentals that the dynamic and discerning Heads of Comms focus on to become highly effective?

Why some journalists are doubting Tweeters…Headland’s Mike Sergeant shares his views

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05 Feb 2015 Comments

Mike Sergeant, our favourite political and business news correspondent, having successfully made the move from the world of BBC journalism into corporate and financial PR to join Headland, took time out of his new role to share his opinion on some of the findings in CISION’s Social Journalism Study 2015.

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