Staff turnover a worry?  5 steps to retain your high performers for longer

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07 Apr 2017 Comments

PR agencies, you are losing great people to in-house, it’s time for you to step up. You are not really competing against other agencies quite as much as you are with the ‘the grass is greener’ syndrome and the enormous pull of an in-house role. 90% of the corporate and financial professionals we talk to will only consider a move for an in-house opportunity. The legwork for finding you great people is high, so what are you doing about keeping your best performers? The fight for great talent is here to stay. Stop sweeping it under the carpet and let’s uncover the dirt; it’s time to clean up your act.

Life after Financial PR

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23 Feb 2017 Comments

What happens after a career in financial PR? Start your own business? That is the path one of my favourite ex-PR’s took. Five years on, Anna Keeble is the proud co-founder of Gazelle Partners, a successful corporate wellbeing business with companies such as Accenture and Red Bull on their books.

A view from the top

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31 Jan 2017 Comments

We love January, as it gives us all a fresh focus and we meet up with a lot of our agency CEOs and Heads of Comms. I’m inquisitive by nature and it’s great to hear how businesses are performing and discuss their forecast for this year. Naturally, Brexit and Trump are hot topics of conversation however, similar questions are coming up with regards to the challenges and successes within the PR market. We thought it would be helpful to share the most common questions

An interview with PR, Marketing Communications and Leadership Strategist Anita Hamilton

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01 Nov 2016 Comments

With over 25 years of consumer, corporate and internal communications experience, brand building and leadership expertise, Anita Hamilton takes part in our guest interview this week. Here she shares her insights into her career experiences, her involvement with leadership communications programmes to support women’s advancement in the workplace – and her definition of great PR.

Why move jobs now?

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25 Oct 2016 Comments

Are you still distracted about the thought of getting a new role before the Christmas holidays, but finding time is running away with you? The lead up to December can be hectic for PR and corporate communications professionals with tying up projects and meeting deadlines which can push your job search onto the sidelines. This week we share three reasons why it’s important to keep pushing to get your perfect job in place in time for the New Year.

Be ready for the unexpected at interview

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19 Oct 2016 Comments

In the fast-paced and competitive world of PR and corporate communications, particularly in London, taking part in a successful job search can be a real challenge, and getting to interview stage is quite often a small victory. Of course if you have got your preparation down to a fine art, the last thing you want is something unexpected cropping up at interview to throw you off your game. So are you ready for the unexpected? Here’s a few things to watch out for.

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