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Why move jobs now?

Posted in: Corporate Communications, Job offers, Jobseeker Advice, PR and Communications, Salaries and Trends

25 Oct 2016 by Sarah Leembruggen Comments

Are you still distracted about the thought of getting a new role before the Christmas holidays, but finding time is running away with you? The lead up to December can be hectic for PR and corporate communications professionals with tying up projects and meeting deadlines which can push your job search onto the sidelines. This week we share three reasons why it’s important to keep pushing to get your perfect job in place in time for the New Year.

Be ready for the unexpected at interview

Posted in: Corporate Communications, Interviews, Jobseeker Advice, PR and Communications

19 Oct 2016 by Sarah Leembruggen Comments

In the fast-paced and competitive world of PR and corporate communications, particularly in London, taking part in a successful job search can be a real challenge, and getting to interview stage is quite often a small victory. Of course if you have got your preparation down to a fine art, the last thing you want is something unexpected cropping up at interview to throw you off your game. So are you ready for the unexpected? Here’s a few things to watch out for.

An interview with Tricia Stewart, Executive Coach and Director of Peridot International

Posted in: Corporate Communications, Guest Interviews, PR and Communications

18 Oct 2016 by Sarah Leembruggen Comments

Director of Peridot International Tricia Stewart takes part in our guest interview this week. Tricia has considerable leadership experience covering the public, commercial and charitable sectors and is now a specialist executive coach at Peridot International. Here she shares her views on what challenges organisations and senior professionals face in achieving their performance goals - read on for some expert tips.

Why aren’t you finding the right PR to join your team?

Posted in: Corporate Communications, Management, PR and Communications

11 Oct 2016 by Sarah Leembruggen Comments

Are you struggling to find some truly inspirational PR gems to join your team? Or perhaps you’ve found some superstars but they seem to keep slipping through the net for one reason or another. In a candidate-led market, it’s imperative to know that your organisation is stepping up to the mark when it comes to capturing real PR talent in a competitive market. Read more to find out how you can identify your organisation’s pain points –

What makes a star performer in financial PR?

Posted in: Corporate Communications, Financial PR, PR and Communications, Salaries and Trends

04 Oct 2016 by James Baybutt Comments

With the demand for financial PR professionals seeming to show no signs of slowing down in the current job market, this week Senior Corporate and Financial Consultant James Baybutt looks at the top 5 desirable factors which make a financial PR professional really stand out from the crowd in a competitive London market.

What are the attributes of high performing internal communications talent?

Posted in: Career Advice, Corporate Communications, Inspiration, Internal communications, PR and Communications

26 Sep 2016 by Nadina Grad Comments

So what are the key traits and skills of a stand out internal communications professional in a competitive London market? Internal Communications Consultant at The Works Nadina Grad speaks to leading senior internal communications employers and professionals in her network to get their thoughts – and it makes for a very interesting read.

Our interview with Beth Hurran, Communications Leader at Arup

Posted in: Corporate Communications, Guest Interviews, PR and Communications

19 Sep 2016 by Miriam Hanna Comments

Beth Hurran, Communications Leader at professional services firm Arup, takes part in our interview this week. Beth manages the press office and internal communications for the UKMEA region at Arup, a global design, engineering and consultancy firm, and here she shares her views on how the professional services industry has changed over the last few years, the lessons she has learned about leadership in the professional services space – and what the biggest challenge of her career has been so far. Read more here –

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