Moving in-house - good, bad or ugly?

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01 Jun 2017 Comments

In our experience the best communications professionals have a mixture of both agency and in-house experience, and we believe agencies are the very best place to learn and progress at pace, however working in-house is frequently something which is found on many PR pros’ wishlists. In fact, 9 out of 10 people we speak to on a daily basis are looking to move in-house and won’t consider an agency move.

Career insights & advice from Mike MacFarlane, agency partner and self-starting entrepreneur

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24 May 2017 Comments

Mike MacFarlane is at the forefront of communications and understands integrated corporate communications from a digital perspective like few others. He founded his own content and film making communications consultancy in his 20s and sold it to Instinctif Partners four years later. A true entrepreneur who has fast-tracked his career. Here he kindly shares career insights and advice with us.

Staff turnover a worry?  5 steps to retain your high performers for longer

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07 Apr 2017 Comments

PR agencies, you are losing great people to in-house, it’s time for you to step up. You are not really competing against other agencies quite as much as you are with the ‘the grass is greener’ syndrome and the enormous pull of an in-house role. 90% of the corporate and financial professionals we talk to will only consider a move for an in-house opportunity. The legwork for finding you great people is high, so what are you doing about keeping your best performers? The fight for great talent is here to stay. Stop sweeping it under the carpet and let’s uncover the dirt; it’s time to clean up your act.

Life after Financial PR

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23 Feb 2017 Comments

What happens after a career in financial PR? Start your own business? That is the path one of my favourite ex-PR’s took. Five years on, Anna Keeble is the proud co-founder of Gazelle Partners, a successful corporate wellbeing business with companies such as Accenture and Red Bull on their books.

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