Beating the business lunch bloat!

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03 Mar 2014 Comments

Eating healthily at home is one thing, but trying to stick to those good habits when dining out can prove to be an ongoing struggle. Many of us in business are eating out more often, whether it’s a breakfast or lunch meeting, an office party or a celebration. This means that it’s all the more important to ensure we’re making healthy menu choices.
Follow these 5 pearls of nutritional wisdom to find out how you can still enjoy your meal and not break the calorie bank.

7 Qualities Employers Are Looking For In Candidates

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10 Feb 2014 Comments

When you’re going for a job in PR, you know employers are looking for someone with a subtle balance of general skills, like team working or managerial experience and core technical skills like media relations, digital campaigns and copywriting. The essential mix of qualities will differ slightly depending on whether you work in corporate communications, public affairs, finance, healthcare or consumer. But, here are 7 qualities we think PR recruiters are looking for:

Happy Christmas! With love from, Your Boss

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18 Dec 2013 Comments

What is the best gift your manager could give you this year? That’s the question we’ve been asking our PR clients and contacts this week. Some said time off....(yes please!) Others wanted a bonus...(absolutely)...or an ipad?....(very practical).
But what did the others want? Suffice to say, you can’t make this stuff up, so read and enjoy!

What is it like working at The Works?

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26 Nov 2013 Comments

It is all about the people. It is so important to us that we not only like working here, but we have a smile on our face every morning when we walk into work.
We have an amazing team – made up of a whole host of characters, with different opinions, backgrounds and stages of our lives, which makes The Works a truly magical place to work.

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