Don’t let Social Media ruin your job search…

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24 Mar 2015 Comments

Social media can be an incredibly effective way to widen a job search and get access to employers, but with greater access comes a greater chance to get things wrong. Surely a brief Facebook post or a Tweet of a mere 140 characters (or less) isn’t going to do any harm? Absolutely not – when used mindfully. However, there is no certainty how one thing said today will be viewed and construed tomorrow.

Run through our handy checklist of ‘don’ts’ to ensure your social media presence is fit for purpose.

Surname & Surname celebrate their third birthday

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18 Mar 2015 Comments

To mark one of our favourite clients, brand PR consultancy Surname & Surname’s third birthday, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to talk to co-founder, Kev O’Sullivan. Kev reflects upon what has been a whirlwind three years for himself and fellow co-founder, Lotte Jones, and gives us a taste of what they have lined up for the next three – and beyond!

5 Habits of Highly Effective Heads of Corporate Communications

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11 Mar 2015 Comments

While the ability to communicate – and do it extremely well – ranks highly on the remit of any Head of Comms, there are several other finely honed skills and carefully cultivated qualities that make the real star perfomers stand out. So what are the fundamentals that the dynamic and discerning Heads of Comms focus on to become highly effective?

What I enjoy about executive search and the challenge of it

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04 Mar 2015 Comments

If you asked me to list 5 things that I love about my job, executive search would be up there – without a doubt. Just to clarify, the aim of an executive search assignment is to find the very best person in the market for a particular role with specific skills and attributes. The search looks at only the cream of the crop – the top 5% of professionals. To carry this out to maximum effect, an extraordinary amount of very discriminating and meticulous work is required. It’s painstaking at times, but it’s a process that runs deep, comes with a ‘no ifs ands or buts’ pre-requisite – and I love it!

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