Do you know how to work with a recruiter?

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18 Mar 2019 Comments

When it comes to embarking upon a job search and working with a recruitment consultancy, you may wonder where on earth to start. Should you email lots of recruiters and see who comes back to you? How do you know which recruiter has your best interests at heart?

Flexible Working – what are the drawbacks?

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04 Mar 2019 Comments

Flexible working undoubtedly has its benefits – organisations that have a reputation for embracing this policy hold a strong appeal to potential employees – but it also has its detractors. Considering the cons as well as the pros of flexible working is an essential part of deciding whether to provide employees the option to create their own schedules.

10 Reasons Why Flexible Working Benefits Your Business

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15 Jan 2019 Comments

The start of a new year is a great time to take a good look at your business and put some fresh plans in place – that might include looking at ways to increase employee engagement. There’s a simple answer to this one – introducing a flexible working policy.

Make friends with networking

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03 Jan 2019 Comments

Love it or loathe it, networking is one of the most under-rated yet effective ways to generate new business, develop mutually beneficial relationships with key stakeholders (including potential employers) and access a wider professional audience, than you would otherwise have access to. It’s all about making a positive impact - and its importance has never been greater.

The Works Search 2018 Round-up of the Year

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14 Dec 2018 Comments

We share our round-up of what’s been happening over the year in the corporate and financial communications industry. We looked at our successes, challenges, who has been hiring and what levels have been most in demand.

A Guide to Flexible Working for Corporate Communications Professionals - download for free

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03 Dec 2018 Comments

Do you offer flexible working? If not, why not?! Millions of employees want flexibility in the workplace – in fact, flexible working is one of the top priorities when choosing a job, particularly among millennials. With the workforce set to become dominated by millennials by 2025, younger talent are now challenging the traditional patterns and customs which previously defined the working environment.

A Thought Leaders Connected interview from Vivienne Hsu, Managing Director at Cognito

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21 Nov 2018 Comments

Vivienne Hsu built her reputation on big brand advertising campaigns and is now Managing Director of Cognito, a successful specialist communications and marketing consultancy. She is hugely positive, rather tenacious and swears by regular Bikram yoga classes.

She shares her thoughts on her biggest challenges, tips on getting ahead and what makes a happy team. Read on to find out more

Flexible working – is it an option in PR and Comms Agencies?  If not, why not?

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11 Sep 2018 Comments

I was surprised to read in a recent BBC news article that only 6% of people in the UK now work the traditional workplace hours of 9am-5pm. A YouGov survey polling 4,000 adults found that almost half of them work flexibly, allowing them to juggle other commitments. This rather impressive statistic made me wonder just how well (or not) the PR and Corporate Communications industry fares in the flexible working stakes.

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