Salary results – comments from Sarah Leembruggen
(Managing Partner)
Last year we heard a lot about under-resourcing, not being
able to hire fast enough and the difficulty of keeping up
morale and motivation levels. Whilst these issues haven’t
disappeared, this year, the tone is different and although
business is still tough, it’s definitely healthier. We have seen
a fourfold increase in new roles coming on to the market,
for the first half of this year compared to the first half of last
year. The increase is mainly with corporate agencies and
corporate comms in-house teams (across industry sectors).
I have written more about this in my view of the market in
our new look September newsletter but it’s great to see how
reputation management is clearly becoming more important.
I think the salary results speak for themselves although I
would like to say that in-house isn’t always the answer. The
majority of people we meet (90%) will ask exclusively for an
in-house role. Some will consider a consultancy, but there is
clearly a strong desire to move in-house. I bring this up as
one of the motivations is salary; although, as you can see
from the survey, agencies pay pretty well and despite a tough
year, 70% of agencies increased their employees’ salaries.
There is no denying that some in-house roles - especially in
the financial services - are paid well; however, agencies are
more competitive with their salaries and the bonus can be
better than in-house. Ok, enough said. I hope you find the
results useful.
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