About The Works Search

  • If you are looking for a senior level ‘industry best’ in PR and corporate communications, then look no further
  • We have successfully delivered on 100% of our executive search assignments over the last 13 years, guaranteeing your money is well spent
  • As executive search experts, we partner with you exclusively to secure a top 5% industry performer, achieving candidate acceptance in 6-8 weeks
  • Our in-depth candidate assessment ensures you will meet 4 high flyers and hire 1 means that you can get back to your job
  • We have a senior network and insight far beyond tools like LinkedIn, and secure exciting roles for – Global Heads of Marketing & Corporate Communications, Heads of Corporate Affairs, Directors of Corporate & Financial Communications, Heads of Thought Leadership & PR, Heads of Media, Heads of Corporate Responsibility, Corporate Communications Manager
  • We also partner with PR agencies to secure them CEOs, MDs, Partners, Directors and Associate Directors

Why choose us?

  • Heads of Communications and PR agency Directors benefit from our expert careers advice, in-depth interview briefings and insightful interview tips to ensure they secure that prized job
  • 20 years of sector expertise has given us a deep knowledge of the market and an unrivalled network
  • Our industry renowned Annual Salary Survey ensures our advice is accurate and up to date
  • 85% of our placements in the last year are from our headhunting and networking as advertising doesn’t secure the best talent
  • Our clients have peace of mind as 100% of candidates passed their probation with flying colours and most are still in place
  • 3:1 is our 1st interview to placement ratio, means no wasted time
  • 92% client retention rate as we aim to delight
  • 50% of our new clients have come to us through recommendation
  • 21,500 PR professionals on our database

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